Bereavement and Loss

Losing a loved one; a partner friend or colleague is unbearable and sad. Losing a job and having to deal with fall out is often shocking and traumatic. Losing anything in life often needs readjustment and acknowledgement. A personal therapy space is a good place to make peace with your loss and begin your recovery. What we have lost can never be replaced but the therapy space can be the place to begin a new relationship and understanding of what is lost and what is to come.

Soul Remembers © Jesse

My mind can't seem to remember the last time.
The last time it really saw you,
The last time your face wasn't just one of those faces in the crowd,
The last time you weren't just another name on a page,
The last time you weren't unnoticed by it. 
My heart can't seem to remember.
Remember if you were warm,
Remember if you were ever in its grips,
Remember if you were ever real.
But for some reason, the soul remembers it all.
The soul remembers those night of never ending talks,
The soul remembers the little things that made its heart smile,
The soul remembers the little freckles right by the eye,
The soul remembers how the body always tried.
The soul remembers, 
The last time.
Do you remember?
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