Anger Management 

Anger is a very powerful emotion felt by all of us and by some more intensely and overwhelmingly than others.

It goes without saying that this can have a very deep and damaging impact on our personal relationships.

All too often there can be many sometimes confusing reasons why anger begins to emerge sometimes out of the blue at a difficult time or in a difficult place!

The reactions that you are feeling angry are all too often due to:
  • irritation with a person or situation;
  • general frustration or ..................
  • quite simply being very angry!!
It is not easy to see at times what might be the cause of an angry outburst. Indeed, it is probably times like these when everything seems to creep up, some inner frustration boils over and boom, the anger is out there!

The Counselling and Therapy that I offer will seek out the reasons from within which are causing you to feel the way you do. Not only will we work on helping you to understand what is happening but we will look for the best strategies that you will be able to use to bring calm and control to these moments.

Working with you to help you deal with these moments will hopefully provide you with a REAL CHOICE as to how you are to respond in what is probably a wide range of situations.

Working with me on a 1-2-1 basis will hopefully give you the confidence to manage your anger more effectively.

Not only with you feel better in yourself and in control, but your expression of such strong feelings and emotions will be understood by those around you. 
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