As someone with many years experience as a teacher in a high pressure target driven job I am very aware of the influence that an unbearable pressure of work has in causing stress and the devastating effect this has upon health and quality of life.

NHS doctors and nurses, social workers, and many others face these conditions on a daily basis. In a great number of these situations it is the nature and the demands of the job that can create an atmosphere of stress, pressure and tension.

For some highly stressed individuals it can be a result of some overwhelming targets and expectations delivered by a manager in the workplace. This is all too often felt by the stressed individual as bullying whether or not that was the intention.

Other areas of life such as challenging family circumstances, financial pressures, redundancy, troubled relationships, and change of job could all contribute in whole or part to a state of mind that could feel unbearable and overloaded.

For those at or nearing the end of a working life,  retirement either from a career or transitioning into another or ending completely can be very stressful and pressurised.

I can work with you to make changes in your life and help you to introduce the opportunity for creating some space for you reflect upon how the emergence of stress is affecting your life and how it is linked to your emotions and feelings. I can also provide you with strategies to help you contain and even dissolve the impact of stress an empower you with some control in your life. 

Of vital importance to you is that with the breadth of my training and experience I will be able to introduce you to a wide range of strategies and activities aimed at reducing the impact of stress on your life.

This will arm you with the awareness and skills to deal with it in the future.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss your situation and the possibility of some 1-2-1 sessions to provide you with the space to reflect, gain some insight into the core and causes of what is stressful. We hopefully will support you, understand it, and help create a framework for progress.
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