Relationship Support: Counselling and Therapy

Relationships in our lives exist in a wide range of intensities and importance. They can be fleeting with someone who passes through our life as part of our day; or they can be with a partner, one of our friends or even a work colleague. Our relationships are at the core of who we are.

Counselling and Therapy is a very special relationship that will help you to understand what might be happening in your other relationships. It may help you to heal and develop a current relationship or even be the place to revisit one from your past maybe in need of fresh eyes or some reparation.

The Counselling Therapy relationship is very special in that it is professional and confidential and is totally focussed on you. As shown here the therapist in her role in this relationship is listening to her client and what she is bringing to the conversation.

I can work with you in a similar way by listening to you and helping you to understand more about yourself and your relationships. Who might you be?
  • an individual having challenges in a wide range of personal and professional relationships
  • one half of a couple seeking understanding guidance and knowledge
  • a couple willing to bring their relationship into the focus and support of a dedicated confidential space.
Individually: I will work with you on a 1-2-1 basis bringing your experiences of your relationships to the therapy space. Here we will develop an understanding of the dynamics of your relationships through our work in our therapy sessions.

As a Couple:  I will work with you together, but we consider the relationship that you bring as the client. We are then able to begin our work in the contained space of the therapy room, enabling you both to reach understanding and discover possibilities that you can take out with you with an invitation integrate them into your relationship.

For someone like yourself in therapy we often refer to the relationships in your life and how they affect you even if this is the principle reason for your therapy journey. 

As a part of this process we are often focussing on the relationship that we have with ourselves: how we understand it; what it is and how it might change.
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