If you are anxious you will be unable to live your life to the full. Your head is full of worry and concern. All of this is getting in the way of living the life that you want to lead. Counselling and therapy will give you the opportunity to push back the tide of the anxiety and working with me we will look for the right strategies to help you deal with your situation and get your life back!

I will give you the tools and techniques to contain, overcome and undermine the influence of the anxious feelings and worrying thoughts. This will usually involve creating a space where we can focus upon your 'inner weather' where we can consider what is creating  your inner turmoil. Moments of stillness potentially created by mindfulness could be used to bring some calm into the present moment and a window from through anxiety can be reimagined and managed.

Beyond these strategies it may be important for you to understand the reasons behind your feelings. As an Integrative Counsellor and Therapist I will be able to carefully identify and apply the right way of working for you to progress and feel better.
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I work from private and peaceful premises dedicated to counselling and therapy in the centre of Bedford. There is easy access from Luton, Milton Keynes, St Neots, Northampton, Wellingborough and local villages such as Kempston, Olney, Oakley, Sharnbrook and Ampthill.

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