Depression can strike any one of us at any time. Known to some as the 'black dog' if you experience it, you know about it! It is not the same as having a bad day or week, or feeling a bit off colour!

I have the utmost respect for celebs such as Stephen Fry, Alastair Campbell, Clarke Carlisle, Ruby Wax and lots more, who wear their depressed histories on their sleeves, and I think by doing so we all gain, those with depression and those like me as therapists.

There is a major difference between having depression and maybe feeling low or out of sorts. 


If we are suffering with depression all too often we feel that we can't and we feel that those around us feel that we won't!!

When we say we can't we really mean it and we feel it all too often very powerfully. This really is a TINA situation; 'There Is No Alternative!' 

Won't all too often means that we have some choice, but in the grip of depression we feel that we don't have any choice whatsoever. For our friends and loved ones this is very difficult especially as it leads to statements like 'pull yourself together this is not like you!.........

Like many therapists I have some intimate brushes with depression on my CV. Also on my CV is the emergence afterwards as one restored with much to live for on the other side! At its worst life feels like it is pointless, suffocating and overwhelmingly like a life sentence in the confines of the worst prison. But it has to be said, with help, it does not have to be like this.

Counselling and therapy 'the talking cure' can offer much help and support with depression. I can walk with you and work with you and help you with ways to make you feel better. Also if we are fortunate in our process together I can help you with sensing its possible return and arming you with skills and strategies to deal with it.
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