Counselling and Therapy in Bedford: 1-2-1 sessions with me; how I work and how I can help you.

I have always respected and valued the potential of each one of us as human beings and believe we all have the possibility to grow, adapt and change throughout our lives. The picture shown here taken by me personally in the Lake District, provides a view of the possibilities seen from a winding path with its destination unseen, with its potential sensed as it disappears in the mountains ahead. Allowing this image to represent our path of life at any one time, the view at once reflects the life already experienced and offers us a glimpse of potential experiences and relationships.

I view the counselling relationship between client and counsellor/therapist as a powerful opportunity to take stock and gain more awareness of ourselves. Making new choices in how we live our lives can lead us to feeling more fulfilled and content. Have a look at my video below which hopefully will help you to decide if you are ready to begin counselling or therapy!

I am a BACP Registered and Accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist and as a member of the BACP I am bound by their code of professional ethics. I am qualified with an MA Degree in Psychotherapy and Healing awarded by Middlesex University in 2005. I am committed to undertake on a regular basis ongoing professional and personal development. Examples of this include training in Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Energy Psychology and Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy. The latter is an an innovative blend between talking therapies and energy psychology which in simple terms acknowledges how many of our emotions feelings and experiences are held in the body. For me the conversation that is therapy is a holistic synthesis of mind and body where each influences the other. In other words working with the mind influences how we feel in our body and working with the energy of the body influences the thoughts in our mind! In therapy sessions with me we work with the whole person sharing thought and feelings from both mind and body

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I am lucky to have my own room in a private practice based in the centre of Bedford. This room is light, calm, peaceful and its ambience is most conducive to the personal and often intimate conversations that are found in counselling, therapy and psychotherapy. All of my work is in my private practice in central Bedford and in recent years has also included NHS referrals from local GP surgeries.

My client base is very rich and varied involving both individuals and those in relationships. I work regularly with students and trainees from Universities and other dedicated institutions providing courses from Certificate level up to Masters Degree level. 

In the earlier part of my career I spent over 30 years teaching principally in London. I have now completed over 12 years as a counsellor and psychotherapist ......................

As a fully qualified counsellor and therapist, I aim to work with you bring about some change and transformation in your life. This could be working with a specific issue such as anger, depression or anxiety; or it could be focused support with some aspect of personal development. 
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I work from private and peaceful premises dedicated to counselling and therapy in the centre of Bedford. There is easy access from Luton, Milton Keynes, St Neots, Northampton, Wellingborough and local villages such as Kempston, Olney, Oakley, Sharnbrook and Ampthill.

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