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As a counsellor and psychotherapist I feel that it is absolutely vital that I am always mindful of my self awareness particularly in how I perceive myself and relate to my clients. Much of my work and personal interest is in sensing and working with the body's energies and its interface with the mind and the body. I have said more about how this features in the core of my work on other pages, but here I hope to draw your attention to some very special gifted people who support me in this process. As a part of my continuing professional development, CPD, I am lucky to work with, learn from, and be inspired by those I name below. On this page I am sharing with you why I value their work so much, and provide you with links to their websites.

We are Energy! A living realisation of this is fundamental to how I work, and is a common theme to what you will find below:

Michal Levin
I first encountered Michal's work in April 2007 at a Confer Conference. I find this work deepens my sensitivities and brings more presence within myself and hopefully between myself and my clients.
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Phil Mollon
I trained with Phil in August 2010 just after completing my EFT training with Viv Fogel. Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy PEP brings you into an overlap between talking therapy and the interrelationship beween the mind body and energy Click on his photo below to introduce yourself to his material.
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