Sounds for Therapy and Transformation

As a counsellor and therapist I am always looking for ways to encourage and support my clients  in their therapeutic dialogue. I have created a soundscape called Phi Crystal Shrutis using Crystal Singing Bowls and Shruti Boxes. 

I am fortunate to have this sound recording available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. It is sourced through CD Baby.

Click here on iTunes or on  Amazon and enter Phi Crystal Shrutis in your search where you can also listen to samples and make a purchase

The text from my sleeve note is presented below:

Phi- the golden ratio 1.618:1
Crystal Singing Bowls: Made from 99.992% pure quartz crystal. The bowl in this recording is an Egyptian Blue G# Phi Practitioner
Shruti Boxes: M1 Low G and M5 Low G

I am a psychotherapist who uses talking therapy, the voice and energy psychology. I use a range of sounds to soothe the mind, calm the nervous system and balance and retune the body and energy fields. 

The Shruti Boxes are sounding G# - D#, a perfect fifth; considered by Lao Tzu as a source of universal harmony and balance between the forces of Yin and Yang. The bowl is a G# which means that it forms an octave with the low G# from the Shruti Box and sings solo and then in conversation with both Shruti Boxes.

Track 1: Phi Immersive. This is the ascending and descending phi as defined below blended seamlessly eight times to provide an hour of phi and fifths in fabulous resonance.

Track 2: Phi Core. In order to amplify the ‘phi effect’ I decided to create a unit of sound that demonstrated in its progress the golden ratio in the timings of different combinations of the instruments. The piece begins with 1 minute of the G# bowl; the M5 small hardwood Shruti joins in for the following 1.6 minutes; the M1 large pine based Shruti joins in for 1.6x1.6 = 2.56 minutes before descending in the same ratio ending with the solitary G# bowl! The intention behind these sounds is to provide a soundscape for personal development, meditation and feeling good. I hope that you enjoy what you here!

Thanks to...........................................

KE for being there in the therapeutic journey and in the genesis of the idea
Chris Corney: for recording and mixing
Genevra Jolie: for providing access to the world of the fabulous crystal singing bowls
Stefan Cartwright: for being the master of the Shruti Box.
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